Incremate [from Grave Digger to death metal]

Incremate is an interesting death metal band from the german Dresen.. Recently Godeater Records released the latest album of this group called „Prospect Of Death”, which is worth to recommend to all lovers of extreme metal music. I invite you to the following conversation.

From beginning to end, how long did it take for ai???Prospect Of Deathai??? to come together, and what was your biggest obstacle during that process?

Prospect of Death is an accumulation of 6 years of very hard work, ranging from having to change practice venues to replacing band members. Once we had a stable lineup we were met with a very difficult situation by which the first studio we used fucked our entire recording, which took many weeks and we had to organise a new studio and record the entire album for a second time. Thankfully this studio was very accomplished as you will hear from our album quality. Finally, another major issue we had was when I was involved in a motorcycle accident in which my foot was smashed to smithereens. It took months of rehabilitation before I was able to play drums again!

Where and how will you be celebrating the release of the new album? prilosec, prilosec, prilosec, prilosec, prilosec, prilosec, prilosec, prilosec.

We released the album through Godeater Records and a gig in Dresden itself. After our set, we got extremely drunk, so I would say that was how we celebrated the end of a long road to the release.

What are you guys doing to promote the new album and to get heard? nuovo_cialis, nuovo_cialis, nuovo_cialis, nuovo_cialis, nuovo_cialis, nuovo_cialis.

We have distributed many CDs to different magazines around the world for them to give unbias reviews. We did this on our own as our Record label became very unresponsive.

From your perspective, what is happening musically on the „Prospect Of Death” that will keep long-time fans happy and what new elements are present that might not be expected?

We decided to record the music in a more natural, raw state so that we came across sounding, as we wanted, very old school. More like the music from 20 years ago as opposed to the new sounding music the genre has produced over the last few years. In this it helped us keep closer to the sound which has inspired us to create this album. As far as new elements, by what I have just said, it would perhaps be better to call them old elements as we have always found that our music suits the sound generated by the old school metal from years gone by.

Which songs are your personal favourite tracks from the album?

My favourite track is very hard to choose as I was fond of a few of the songs. The other members have their own favourites, but I would say that my personal choice is ai???Appreciative Killai??? as I found it most enjoyable to play.

What could you tell about the cooperation with Godeater Records? Do you evaluate it as a good deal?

Originally, Godeater was a good choice. They made a great deal with us in acquiring the CDs and allowed us to concentrate more on our music than the business side of things. Unfortunately right after the release gig we had, they disappeared due to some personal problems which we didnai??i??t know about at first. Fortunately Ronald has recently been in contact with them again and it is looking like there may be a chance to work together again with them in the future.

How long have you been involved in death metal scene and what attracted you to it in the first place?

Well, I have been interested in death metal for quite some time. Initially, the sound of the guitar from the german power metal band GRAVE DIGGER inspired me so much, I knew then that I wanted to play and create music. This was about 20 years ago. I found myself firstly being drawn to thrash metal from there, which I found very beneficial and this in turn led also to death metal which has been the inspiration behind ai???Prospect of Deathai???.

Is there any one particular idea or theme you’d really like a listener to take away from the album by the time the last track finishes?

I would like the listener to feel that they have just heard an album that sounds like it was created in the last 20 years, even going as far to say that the sound is way more natural than what is produced today. I feel we sound the same live as we do on the album, so I think we are represented well by our music. We accomplished very close what we wanted to do, but like any musician, we know our next album will be better as we have learned a lot this past 2 years. There are a few shitty components in this album that we will change in the next album, which will be started next year, so please stay tuned for that!!

CSC_0149You`re not a young band. Have you noticed any changes in your fan base over the years?

Although we have been together for quite some time now, there has been a lot of situations which have held us back in being more active in the scene. This has been positive and negative in equal measures, as it allowed us more than enough time to release music that we are quite pleased with. It also helped us in the way we were so ready for live performances as we have played some of these songs a very long time, this has helped us with what has been described as an accomplished set of live songs. Negatively, this has also meant we have had a lot of hard work trying to get a record label sorted and to try and break in on the scene itself, but we are getting there slowly. As far as our fan base is concerned, we are only now starting to build on that as it has taken so long to get to where we are right now.

Do you envision a point where you’re just gonna say „Shit man, I’m too old for this?”

No. With so much hard work over the years and the incredible amount of song ideas we all have, I canai??i??t see us getting close to thinking we have had enough in the future.

What could you tell about the local scene in Dresden? Are there some good band you could recommend?

Im not involved in the Dresden metal scene at all, as I am only there for band practice for the last few years exclusively, so not really active in any other ways. However, our guitarist Ronald is far more active with the scene there and we have met a few bands through him that I find are a cool bunch of guys like SAPROBIONTIC, THE LAST HANGMEN or BERZERK.

And the last task. Pick one book (fiction or non fiction), one movie (documentary or not) and a death metal band and go into detail about what you love about it and why people should read/watch/hear it in your opinion.

First of all, I do not fucking read at all. In my opinion it is the slowest way to get information, so its something I just never do if I can help it. I quite enjoy watching action movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s and my favourite film is First Blood. My favourite band is quite hard to tie down, but if I am pressed, I would have to say SEPULTURA up to the album ai???Ariseai??? in which I have a very large collection of CDs, EPs, LPs in almost every possible variation and from a lot of countries that they were released in. I donai??i??t really have an opinion on why people should listen and watch these, but I myself find them to be extremely enjoyable as I grew up with this.

Can I also take the time to thank you for the questions and hope that I have answered them to your satisfaction.

Of course. Thanx too!Ai?? safe pharmacy shopping, safe pharmacy shopping, safe pharmacy shopping, safe pharmacy shopping, safe pharmacy shopping, safe pharmacy shopping.

Od zawsze na zawsze, eleganckie zachowanie. A nie w chuja granie, zyski równo rozliczane. Przekaz hula, dobra morda kuma, kto nie kuma no to rura.


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